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[audio]Flighty - All Freaked Out ! [LN09] - Flighty
God knows there is only one Flighty in this world and, fortunately for us, they are all freaked out! Not quite certain if this is music, musique concrete, or concrete. Whatever it is, Andy McManus and Marc Ward (a.k.a. Flighty) will certainly leave you All Freaked Out also.
Keywords: user defined; strange; questionable
Downloads: 971
[movies]How Questionable Content is Drawn
Jeph Jacques, the creator of the popular webcomic Questionable Content, gives a short demo of how he draws a panel of the comic.
Keywords: qc; questionable content; drawing
Downloads: 1,197
[image]Tumblr Mu 60lw Umqv 1qzlnwmo 1 500 - Jeph Jacques
Fan art by webcomic artist Jeph Jacques depicting the character Marigold Louise Farmer of QuestionableContent at a desktop computer for tumblr user cknoor. Originally from for posterity, backup archive.
Keywords: QC; Questionable Content; web comic
Downloads: 6
[audio]gaYeness - Jevante X. Brockman
Episode 3 of Dr.Brockman & Mr.Fate presents...?
Keywords: kanye; questionable; stupid; funny; different; crazy
Downloads: 130
[audio]GaYeness - Jevante X. Brockman
Episode 3 of Dr.Brockman & Mr.Fate presents...?
Keywords: kanye; stupid; funny; crazy; different; questionable
Downloads: 19
[texts]Atari 2600 Manual: Private Eye (1983)(Activision)
Atari 2600 Manual: Private Eye (1983)(Activision)
Keywords: warranty; fiend; touche; cartridge; limitations; stamp; stolen; activision; questionable
Downloads: 34
[audio]The Agreeable Brains Ep 79 - The Agreeable Brains
Scott drinks megnog while Chad returns to the Shire. We team up with Josh 2 to have some questionable fun in a galaxy far far away. Theme song by The Tiny Joshs.
Keywords: Podcast; Questionable Fun; The Hobbit; Game Shop; Cards Against Humanity; Star Wars; Double Fine
Downloads: 26
[texts]DEA policies on "parallel construction" - US Government DEA teaches agents to recreate evidence chains to hide methods Trainers justify parallel construction on national security and PR grounds: "Americans don't like it" by Shawn Musgrave on Feb. 3, 2014, 10:30 a.m. FOI Requests: DEA policies on "parallel construction" Drug Enforcement Administration training documents released to MuckRock user C.J...
Keywords: lies; fraud; dea; nsa; surveillance; irs; drugs; perjury; spying; illegal; questionable; court; false; spy
Downloads: 73
[image]Tai Pants - Jeph Jacques
An early version of QuestionableContent strip #2550. While since corrected, in this version the pants of character Tai Hubbert notably change in style between the third and forth panels. Uploaded for posterity.
Keywords: QC; Questionable Content; QuestionableContent; Tai; Tai Hubbert; pants; shorts; jeans; error; mistake; correction; webcomic; web; comic
Downloads: 51
[audio]F. Crivellaro - Questionable Beats GHGR8414 - F.Crivellaro
Fabio CrivellaroReleased By GodHatesGodRecordsStream Audio Release
Keywords: F.Crivellaro; Questionable Beats; Hardware; Modulate; Ambient Crush; Ring Beats; GHGR8414
Downloads: 20

Keywords: dept; panic; mann; tranquilizer; pills; ond; calmly; pistol; beauty; shoulda; top cover; questionable photographer; prix mercedes
Downloads: 297
[movies]The Fred Waring Show - 8 October 1950
An episode of "The Fred Waring Show". This variety show is a mixed bag. The highlight is the fun and entertaining "Autumn in New York" sequence (sadly with some sprocket-hole damage). The low-point is the entire second-half, which recreates a turn-of-the-century minstrel show. It's embarrassing, but even if I were to ignore the out-dated blackface, it just plain isn't funny. Painfully corny. Then again maybe you'll like it...
Keywords: Classic TV; Television; Minstrel Show; Blackface; Corny; General Electric; GE; Old; Black and White; WTF; Questionable; Music; Fred Waring
Downloads: 1,237 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[audio]tllpodcast67 - SpiderStaryu
We talk about the questionable future of the Wii U!!
Keywords: The; Lost; Levels; TLL; Podcast; Mario; Party; Legacy; 2013; Nintendo; Questionable; Future; of; Mario Wii U; Wii; U; Wii U; SpiderStaryu; SuperZambezi; Dark Boo; Toadette; Timmy
Downloads: 10
[audio]TAG 10 The Internet - The TAG Podcast
Videos, Comics, and Music. The internet Sure gives us a lot of stuff.
Keywords: TAG; Podcast; YouTube; Newgrounds; dc8p; Happy Harry; Potter Puppet Pals; Questionable Content; Grim Tales; Boyce Avenure; Zero Punctuation; Salad Fingers; Pentatonix
Downloads: 29
[audio]Paul Thomas Interview 3/17/11 - Ethan Ullman
Paul Thomas of Lola Balatro interviewed by Ethan Ullman on Alternative to Sleeping with Ethan Ullman stand-up comedy radio show. Initially aired live on 3/17/11 over WCDB 90.9 FM in Albany, NY. For more information, go to,, and
Keywords: paul thomas; lola balatro; band; comedy music; questionable beef; ethan ullman; alternative to sleeping; stand-up; comedy; radio; wcdb; interview; comedian; alt2sleep; funnyradio; comedypipe; 90.9fm
Downloads: 20
[audio]tllpodcast71 - SpiderStaryu
We talk about the XBox One, Playstation 4, and the Wii U today!
Keywords: The; Lost; Levels; TLL; Podcast; Mario; Party; Legacy; 2013; Xbox; X; Box; 360; One; Xbox One; 1; Playstation; 4; Play; Station; 2; 3; Generation 8; Gaming; General; Nintendo; Questionable; Future; of; Mario Wii U; Wii; U; Wii U; SpiderStaryu; SuperZambezi; Dark Boo; Toadette; Timmy
Downloads: 157
[audio]Dos Time Live - Episode 10 - We Made it After All - DosTimeLive Studios
Microsoft trickin Americans, new DC Comics, complex math and liquid nitrogen...all this and more on this episode of Dos Time Live.
Keywords: X-Files; PS3; Questionable Content; Popsickle Strip; Mojave; Microsoft; Windows Vista; DNS; DC Comics; Devil May Cry; Resident Evil; Cuil; Jing; tech; dog; liquid nitroen; Euler; dos; time; live; tech; comics; web; web comics; food; entertainment; movies; music; games; video games; podcast
Downloads: 217
[movies]Please Boycott Howard Stern Radio Programs / Video - Rosemary Vivianne
Please Boycott Howard Stern Radio Programs / Video
Keywords: Howard; Stern; show; boycott; radio; programs; program; obscene; obscenity; obscenities; indecent; indecency; indecencies; profanity; foul; profanities; profane; censor; censored; talk; host; language; shock; jock; review; critics; watch; ratings; sponsors; controversial; controvery; criticism; women; content; questionable; values; morals; shocking; impact; children; moral; religion; anti; prostitutes; prostitute; immoral; speech; programming; public; FCC; broadcast; criticize; sponsored; broadcasts; freedom; entertainment; sirius; free
Downloads: 326 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Insight-130603: Dixon Film Studio / Streambed on Mars / Alternative Ed: Summer Learning / Nurture in Nature - Capital Public Radio, Inc.
Dixon Film Studio - The Sacramento Bee has recently published an investigation into the woman planning to bring a massive film studio to the small farming town of Dixon. The investigation calls into question Carrisa Carpenter's past, which is riddled checkered with debts and questionable business choices. The Sacramento Beeâs Senior Writer Sam Stanton tells us about the story and why they decided to investigae Carpenter...
Keywords: KXJZ; Insight; Capital Public Radio; Sacramento public radio; CSU Sacramento; Dixon Film Studio; The Sacramento Bee; investigation; massive film studio; Carrisa Carpenter; questionable business choices; Sam Stanton, Sacramento Beeâs Senior Writer; Streambed on Mars; NASA scientist; evidence that a stream once flowed on Mars; covered in flowing water; Dawn Sumner, UC Davis Geology Professor & co-investigator for NASA's Mars Science Laboratory team; Alternative Ed; Summer Learning; Sacramento Unified School District; Tom Torlakson, State Superintendent of Public Instruction; summer learning loss; Nurture in Nature; women's retreat this weekend in Chico Creek Canyon; Anasuya Basil's, nutritionist and bodyworker; help women minimize this stress; focus on wellness; Suzanne Lorenz, psychotherapist; holistic philosophy
Downloads: 274
[texts]Blue Planet Project UFO TECHNOLOGY Texts  Esoteric & Occult   MysteriesBuy CD-ROM   Buy Books about UFOs Index  Previous  Next Operation Majority                * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *                *    L I T E R A R Y   F R E E W A R E    *                *                                         *                *           F O U N D A T I O N           * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ...
Keywords: article/document: MAJIC Projects Bill Cooper original source | fair use notice Summary: MAJESTIC TWELVE is an advisory team of scientists who's only purpose is to evaluate information and make recomendations. MAJIC Projects MAJESTIC TWELVE is an advisory team of scientists who's only purpose is to evaluate information and make recomendations. This team does exist as a scattered bunch of men who do not meet regularly as a group. The information gathered by the control group MAJI is released to MAJESTIC TWELVE when study is needed. MAJESTIC TWELVE has never been given the whole truth. MAJI is the MAJESTIC AGENCY FOR JOINT INTELLIGENCE and has total control of information and interface with the aliens in dealings with the United States Government. Some of the documents released by Moore were changed from the original with the deliberate intent to mislead UFO researchers. I do not know who is responsible but I believe that the Government is behind the whole thing. The rest of the documents are deliberate frauds. I am releasing the truth which I have obtained from excellent sources within the intelligence community in order to set the record straight. MAJI is the sole agency in control and responsible for every past and present consequence of contact with the alien presence. MAJIC is the security classification of all projects and information connected with the aliens; their craft; their bases; and dealings with the United States Government. MAJIC means MAJI CONTROLED. MAJIC is the highest security classification in the nation. The name of the overall project is GRUDGE and always has been. GRUDGE is the proword for AQUARIUS and a few other projects as you will see when you read the rest of this file. The AQUARIUS document released by Moore which he claims was given to him by Mr. Graham was changed and I am including a reconstructed document as it was presented to me by one of my sources. I am also including all the information (in short form) that I presently have regarding the U.S. Government and the Aliens. This information has been reviewed by 3 different people who know the information but do not know each other and they have made some corrections to the document. If the information deviates somewhat from information that I have previously released it is due to those corrections. My previous information was from memory of documents seen over 16 years ago and I am pleased that my memory has withstood the rigors of time quite well. In case you doubt that I had the information previous to this release you may check with Stan Friedman; Tom Mickus; Don Ecker; John Lear; and Bryon Smith as I had given the information to them some time ago. Any document you see where I stated that MAJESTIC TWELVE was the control group was a test of Moore et al and was never to be posted or released publicly. The public posting of those documents was done by Jim Spieser against my wishes. He was told that the information was mixed as a test but he posted them anyway. They contain true and false information and should be ignored. The information contained in this file is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and to the knowledge of my sources. THIS IS THE ONLY FILE REGARDING THE GOVERNMENT AND THE ALIENS THAT I CAN HONESTLY SAY IS THE TRUE INFORMATION IN WHOLE AS I KNOW IT. It is backed by the John Lear Hypothesis; Paul Bennewicz' information; William Stienman's information; the Fenwick interview; and other bits of information which is in the hands of UFOLOGISTS. The test of time will prove this information to be true and correct. Nothing in this file contradicts my PUBLIC02.DOC. This file should clear the air regarding my statements and actions thus far. In this file you will find information which you have never had before and it should open up numerous paths for SERIOUS UFO researchers to explore. I have many documents and letters to back up this information much of which I have already released and much of which is the product of your own research. John Lear has in his possession many letters and documents which will also back up this file. William Stienman is another. I would also direct you to Don Ecker's SPOOK.DOC; and to bits of Moore's information (fraudulent though it may be it does contain some truth). The Fenwick interview is another source of information; along with the FEDEX files on Paranet Alpha. The Bill English file is another excellent source as he really did read the GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK REPORT NO. 13. The letter from the man who participated in Project PLUTO is right on the money although he mistook the term PLUTO/POUNCE as being project PLUTO that he worked on. He was a part of POUNCE which comes under Project PLUTO thus PLUTO/POUNCE. The first word is always the Proword and parent project while the second word is the project itself. Another FEDEX file contains the account of a man who worked at AREA 51 in Nevada and stumbled upon Project REDLIGHT. The correct name is GRUDGE/REDLIGHT. Put ALL your information together from ALL your different files you will see that this information is all there for you to see and verify from different sources who neither know each other or even know about each other in most instances. It is all there and all you need to do is put it together. I must admit that I had a much easier time of it having seen the information and having excellent sources. I knew what to look for; but at least I looked. William Moore must know much more than he lets on. He has to know something other than the phony information that he has released or he would not go to such pains to alter the information (by his own admission). I cannot believe that he has been so completely duped after having read The Roswell Incident. TOP SECRET/MAJIC EXECUTIVE CORRESPONDENCE EXECUTIVE BRIEFING SUBJECT: MAJI PROJECT GRUDGE/AQUARIUS (TS/MAJIC) ATTENTION: THIS DOCUMENT WAS PREPARED BY MAJI. MAJI IS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR ITS SUBJECT MATTER. DOCUMENT CONTROL: ECN 0001 CLASSIFIED BY: MJ1/MAJI TOP SECRET/MAJIC PROJECT AQUARIUS: (TS/ORCON) (PROWORD): GRUDGE Contains 16 volumes of documented information collected from the beginning of the United States' investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and Identified Alien Crafts (IAC). The Project was originally established in 1953; by order of President Eisenhower; under control of CIA and MAJI. In 1960; the Project's name was changed from Project SIGN to Project Aquarius. The Project was funded by CIA confidential funds (non-appropriated). The Project assumed full responsibility for investigation and intelligence of UFOs/IACs Dec 1969 after Project Grudge/Blue Book was closed. The purpose of Project Aquarius was to collect all scientific; technological; medical and intelligence information from UFO/IAC sightings and contacts with alien life forms. This orderly file of collected information has been used to advance the United States' Space Program. (TS/ORCON) The preceeding briefing is an historical account of the United States Government's investigation of Aerial Phenomenas; Recovered Alien Aircraft; and contacts with extra- terrestrial Life Forms. TOP SECRET/MAJIC THE PROJECTS UNDER PROJECT AQUARIUS: 1. (TS/ORCON) PROJECT PLATO: (PROWORD: AQUARIUS) Originally established as part of Project SIGN in 1954. Its mission was to establish diplomatic relations with Aliens. This Project was successful when mutually acceptable terms were agreed upon. These terms involved the exchange of technology for secrecy of Alien presence and non interference in Alien affairs. Aliens agreed to provide MAJI with a list of human contacts on a periodic basis. This Project is continuing at a site in New Mexico. 2. (TS/ORCON) PROJECT SIGMA: (PROWORD: AQUARIUS) Originally established as part of Project SIGN in 1954. Became a separate project in 1976. Its mission was to establish communication with Aliens. This Project met with positive success (sic) when in 1959; the United States established primative communications with the Aliens. On April 25; 1964; a USAF intelligence officer met with Aliens at Holloman AFB; New Mexico. The contact lasted for approximately three hours. After several attempted methods of communicating the intelligence officer managed to exchange basic information with the Aliens (Atch 7). This Project is continuing at a site in New Mexico. 3. (TS/ORCON) PROJECT REDLIGHT: (PROWORD GRUDGE) Originally established in 1954. Its mission was to test fly a recovered Alien aircraft. First attempts resulted in destruction of the craft and death of the pilot. This Project was resumed in 1972. This Project is continuing in Nevada. 4. (TS/ORCON) PROJECT SNOWBIRD: (PROWORD REDLIGHT) Originally established in 1954. Its mission was to develop; using conventional technology; and fly a flying saucer type craft for the public. This Project was successful when a craft was built and flown in front of the press. This Project was used to explain UFO sightings and to divert public attention from Project REDLIGHT. TOP SECRET/MAJIC: MAJESTY--------The Proword for MAJI. The Proword for MAJESTIC TWELVE. The Proword for GRUDGE. MAJESTY is the only word on the cover sheet of the AQUARIUS document. It is plain that the executive decision makers are MAJESTY. MAJESTY is the name of all the efforts combined. On the executive level MAJESTY IS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE ALIENS AND EVERYTHING CONNECTED WITH THEM. The way intelligence and TOP SECRET information is protected accounts for the previous confusion regarding the control of this subject. Everything under MAJESTY is broken down into compartments and difficult to trace to a higher authority. ALL information of important nature of any kind is handled in this manner and is designed to confuse those who would attempt to uncover the secret. MAJESTY IS THE WORD YOU ALL HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THAT TIES IT ALL TOGETHER. MAJI-----------MAJESTIC AGENCY for JOINT INTELLIGENCR The TOP SECRET/MAJIC project control group responsible for EVERY ASPECT OF INTERFACE WITH THE ALIEN LIFE FORMS INCLUDING SECURITY & INTELLIGENCE; AND DISINFORMATION TO PREVENT PUBLIC OR FOREIGN DISCLOSURE OF THE ALIEN PRESENCE. MAJI IS RESPONSIBLE ONLY TO THE PRESIDENT. (THIS IS WHY ALL DOCUMENTS REFERRING TO MAJESTIC OR ANY OTHER FORM OF THAT NAME ARE WRONG.) MAJI IS ONGOING IN WASHINGTON DC. MAJESTIC TWELVE-----A selected team of experts in many different fields who evaluate information; technology; biology and other facets of the alien presence in order to better understand the phenomenon. MAJESTIC TWELVE makes recommendations and presents scientific dirrection when needed. MAJESTIC TWELVE does not know all the information and does not meet as a group. Members are given information on a need to know basis only. Biologists; for example; are not given information regarding any other subject. MAJIC----------SECURITY CLASSIFICATION OF ALL MAJI AND AQUARIUS INFORMATION. MAJIC MEANS MAJI CONTROLLED. MAJIC IS THE HIGHEST SECURITY CLASSIFICATION IN THE NATION. MJ-1-----------DIRECTOR OF MAJI. THE DIRECTOR OF THE CIA IS USUALLY MJ-1 AND REPORTS ONLY TO THE PRESIDENT. (OTHER MEMBERS OF MAJI ARE DESIGNATED MJ-2; MJ-3; MJ-4; etc. This is why MJ-12 CANNOT BE USED AS A NAME FOR THE CONTROL GROUP AS IT WOULD CAUSE CONFUSION IN MEANING; i.e. (IS IT REFERRING TO MJ-12 THE PERSON OR MJ-12 THE GROUP.) ANY REFFERENCE TO MJ-12 IS TO A PERSON AND NOTHING ELSE. (THIS IS WHY ANY DOCUMENT REFFERING TO MJ-12 AS A GROUP IS WRONG.) BLUE TEAM------THE FIRST PROJECT RESPONSIBLE FOR REACTION/RECOVERY OF DOWNED/CRASHED ALIEN CRAFT AND/OR ALIENS. THIS WAS AN AIR FORCE MATERIAL COMMAND PROJECT. SIGN-----------THE SECOND PROJECT RESPONSIBLE FOR COLLECTION OF INTELLIGENCE AND DETERMINING WHETHER ALIEN PRESENCE CONSTITUTED A THREAT TO THE NATIONAL SECURITY. SIGN ABSORBED BLUE TEAM. THIS WAS AN AIR FORCE/CIA PROJECT. GRUDGE---------THE OVERALL PROJECT WITH THE SAME MISSION AS SIGN. GRUDGE ABSORBED SIGN. GRUDGE IS THE PROWORD FOR AQUARIUS. AQUARIUS-------THE THIRD AND FINAL PROJECT. AQUARIUS ABSORBED ALL PREVIOUS PROJECTS. FUNDED BY CIA CONFIDENTIAL NON APPROPRIATED FUNDS. THE PURPOSE OF PROJECT AQUARIUS IS TO COLLECT ALL SCIENTIFIC; TECHNOLOGICAL; MEDICAL AND INTELLIGENCE INFORMATION FROM UFO/IAC SIGHTINGS AND CONTACTS WITH ALIEN LIFE FORMS. THIS PROJECT IS ONGOING. This project began as an Air Force project under SIGN but was taken over by NSA. ALL PROJECTS CONNECTED WITH THE ALIENS ARE NOW INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY CONTROLLED. SIGMA----------SIGMA WAS TASKED WITH COMMUNICATING WITH THE ALIENS. THIS OPERATION WAS SUCCESSFUL. PLATO----------PLATO WAS ESTABLISHED TO FORM DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS WITH THE ALIEN LIFE FORMS. THIS PROJECT WAS SUCCESSFUL. THIS PROJECT IS ONGOING. POUNCE---------THIS PROJECT WAS FORMED TO RECOVER ALL DOWNED/CRASHED CRAFT AND ALIENS. THIS PROJECT PROVIDED COVER STORIES/OPERATIONS TO MASK TRUE ENDEAVOR WHEN NECCESSARY. COVERS WHICH HAVE BEEN USED: CRASHED EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT; CONSTRUCTION; MINING; ETC. THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN SUCCESSFUL. THIS PROJECT IS ONGOING. PLUTO----------ESTABLISHED TO EVALUATE ALL UFO/IAC INFORMATION PERTAINING TO SPACE TECHNOLOGY. THIS PROJECT IS ONGOING. PLUTO IS THE PROWORD FOR POUNCE. REDLIGHT-------MISSION WAS TO TEST FLY RECOVERED ALIEN CRAFT THIS PROJECT WAS POSTPONED AFTER EVERY ATTEMPT RESULTED IN DESTRUCTION OF THE CRAFT AND DEATH OF THE PILOTS. THIS PROJECT WAS CARRIED OUT AT AREA 51 IN NEVADA (GROOM LAKE); and some flights were performed at DREAMLAND. PROJECT REDLIGHT WAS RESUMED IN 1972. THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN PARTIALLY SUCCESSFUL. UFO SIGHTINGS OF CRAFT ACCOMPANIED BY BLACK HELICOPTORS ARE PROJECT REDLIGHT ASSETS. THIS PROJECT IS ONGOING AT AREA 51 IN NEVADA. SNOWBIRD-------Established as a COVER for Project REDLIGHT. A flying saucer TYPE craft was built using conventional technology. It was unvieled to the press and flown in public on several occassions. The purpose was to explain accidental sightings or disclosures of REDLIGHT as having been the SNOWBIRD craft. This was a very successful disinformation operation. This Project is only activated when needed. It has not been used for many years. This project is currently in mothballs until needed again. (This is another reason that Moore's information is fraudulent.) LUNA-----------CODE NAME FOR THE ALIEN UNDERGROUND BASE. THE BASE IS ALIEN CONTROLLED AND DELTA/ALIEN PROTECTED. LUNA IS ONGOING IN NEW MEXICO. ALIEN DETACHMENTS EXIST AT DREAMLAND AND AT AREA 51. FAR SIDE OF THE MOON ---- An alien base on the dark side of the moon where large machines were sighted by the Apollo Astronauts. It is believed to be a mining operation. NRO------------NATIONAL RECON ORGANIZATION. BASED AT FORT CARSON; COLORADO. RESPONSIBLE FOR SECURITY FOR ALL ALIEN OR ALIEN CRAFT CONNECTED PROJECTS. USE UNMARKED BLACK HELICOPTORS. FOR ALL ALIEN OR ALIEN CRAFT CONNECTED ONGOING. DELTA----------SECURITY TEAMS FROM NRO ESPECIALLY TRAINED TO PROVIDE ALIEN TASKED PROJECTS/LUNA SECURITY. (MEN IN BLACK) THIS PROJECT IS ONGOING. GABRIEL--------THIS PROJECT WAS TASKED WITH DEVELOPING A LOW FREQUENCY PULSED SOUND GENERATOR. IT WAS DETERMINED THAT THE ALIEN WEAPONS AND CRAFT WOULD BE VULNERABLE TO THIS WEAPON. IT IS QUESTIONABLE WHETHER THIS PROJECT EXISTS TODAY. IT WAS DERIVED FROM TECHNOLOGY CAPTURED FROM GERMANY DURING AND AFTER WWII. My contacts have verified its previous existance but cannot verify whether it is ongoing or has been terminated. EXCALIBUR------ESTABLISHED TO DEVELOP A WEAPON WHICH WOULD DESTROY THE ALIEN UNDERGROUND BASE AND ANY FUTURE UNDERGROUND BASES WHICH THE ALIENS MIGHT CONSTRUCT. IT IS TO BE A MISSILE CAPABLE OF PENETRATING 1000 METERS OF TUFA/HARD PACKED SOIL SUCH AS THAT FOUND IN NEW MEXICO WITH NO OPERATIONAL DAMAGE. MISSILE APPOGEE NOT TO EXCEED 30; 000 FEET AGL IMPACT MUST NOT DEVIATE IN EXCESS OF 50 METERS FROM DESIGNATED TARGET. DEVICE WILL CARRY A 1 MEGATON NUCLEAR WARHEAD. THIS PROJECT IS ONGOING AT WX DIVISION; LANL; LOS ALAMOS; NEW MEXICO; AND IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT. ALIEN CRAFT----THESE ARE FLYING CRAFT WHICH USE GRAVITY AND ELECTRO MAGNETIC FIELDS TO FLY. I REALLY DID NOT UNDERSTAND THE PRINCIPLE BUT SOMEHOW GRAVITY CAN BECOME ELECTRO-MAGNETIC ENERGY AND THAT IS THE ONLY WAY THAT I KNOW TO EXPLAIN IT. THE CRAFT HAS AN ATOMIC REACTOR ON BOARD ABOUT THE SIZE OF A FOOTBALL. THE CRAFT CAN CLOAK. THE WAY I UNDERSTOOD IT IS THAT IT BENDS LIGHT RAYS (AND CAN DO THE SAME WITH RADAR) SO THAT YOU LOOK AT THE CRAFT AND SEE ONLY WHAT IS BEHIND IT. THEY CAN DO THIS WHEN THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE SEEN. A LOT OF THE TECHNOLOGY OF OUR STEALTH BOMBER CAME OUT OF THIS. A LOT OF THE INFORMATION REGARDING THE ALIEN CRAFT THAT I SAW HAD A LOT TO DO WITH EINSTIENS THEORY OF RELATIVITY. THERE WAS A LOT OF INFORMATION REGARDING SPACE/TIME FOLDS. MY EDUCATION WAS NOT EVEN IN THIS BALLPARK SO I REALLY CAN'T TELL YOU MUCH BUT I LEARNED THAT THEIR CRAFT ARE NOT ALL THAT STABLE IN AIR (THATS WHY SO MANY CRASH) BUT ARE STILL ABLE TO DO THINGS THAT WE HAVE ONLY DREAMED OF. THEY CAN TRAVEL THROUGH SPACE ACROSS/THROUGH A FOLD IN A VERY SHORT TIME. ALF----------- ALF IS THE ABREVIATION FOR ALIEN LIFE FORM. THIS IS THE ONLY TERM THAT I HAVE SEEN USED TO DESCRIBE THE ALIENS. THE ALIEN LIFE FORMS ARE MALEVOLENT (DANGEROUS). THEY REQUIRE BLOOD AND OTHER BIOLOGICAL FLUIDS TO SURVIVE. YES THEY DO LIKE ICE CREAM (NO JOKE) BUT THEY CANNOT LIVE ON IT. THEY ABDUCT HUMANS AND ANIMALS TO PROCURE THESE FLUIDS. THE ALIEN LIFE FORMS ABDUCT HUMANS AND IMPLANT A VERY SMALL DEVICE/DEVICES IN OR NEAR THE HUMAN BRAIN WHICH GIVES THEM TOTAL CONTROL OVER THAT HUMAN. THE IMPLANTS ARE VERY DIFFICULT TO DETECT BUT CAN BE DETECTED. THE DOCUMENTS STATED THAT ALL ATTEMPTS TO REMOVE THE IMPLANTS HAVE RESULTED IN THE DEATH OF THE PATIENT (1972). THEY PERFORM SURGICAL OPERATIONS ON HUMANS. THEY COLLECT SPERM/OVA AND OTHER BIOLOGICAL SAMPLES FROM HUMANS. THE PURPOSE OF THIS HAS YET TO BE DETERMINED. THESE ABDUCTIONS ARE ONGOING. A LIST OF ABDUCTEES IS PROVIDED BY THE ALIENS TO MAJI ON A PERIODIC BASIS. THE ALIEN ALSO CLAIM TO HAVE PLAYED A VERY SIGNIFICANT PART IN THE WORLDS RELIGIOUS HISTORY AND HAVE PROVIDED MAJI WITH SUPPORTING EVIDENCE. (See description at the end of this document.) UFO/IAC--------UFO IS UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT AND CAN BE ANYTHING UNIDENTIFIED BUT USUALLY REFERS TO SUSPECTED ALIEN CRAFT. IAC IS IDENTIFIED ALIEN CRAFT. BLUE BOOK------THIS WAS AN AIR FORCE UFO/ALIEN INTELLIGENCE COLLECTION AND DISINFORMATION PROJECT. THIS PROJECT WAS TERMINATED AND ITS COLLECTED INFORMATION AND DUTIES WERE ABSORBED BY PROJECT AQUARIUS. CLASSIFIED REPORT NAMED GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK REPORT NO. 13 IS THE ONLY SIGNIFICANT INFORMATION DERIVED FROM THE PROJECT AND IS UNAVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC. (FROM WHAT I READ FROM BILL ENGLISH IT SEEMS THAT HE REALLY SAW THIS REPORT AS HE DESCRIBES THE SAME INFORMATION THAT I SAW IN GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK REPORT NO. 13.) I have information now (its about time) that the existance of Project GABRIEL has been confirmed. The weapon was developed and assembled at Ling Tempco Vought in Anahiem California. It was described to me as being able to totally level ANY man made structure from a distance of 2 miles. It was tested at White Sands Proving grounds. It was developed between 1975 and 1978. It is a long horn shaped device connected to a computer and amplifiers. I have also confirmed the existance of an alien craft at a hanger at Edwards AFB. The hanger is at North Base. It has been guarded by NON Edwards personnel (NRO - DELTA). The guards had a badge that was red with a black triangle on the face of the badge. No one was allowed near the hanger without the badge. These people are no longer guarding the hanger. The Edwards security force are instructed to check the hanger each hour and report status. The hanger is locked and no one is allowed inside. Edwards security personnel have been instructed never to enter the hanger even if it has been broken into. I have also confirmed the existance of alien material at a hanger designated HANGER 1051 at Edwards AFB. MALEVOLENT ALIEN LIFE FORM (ALF) DESCRIPTION The typical MALEVOLENT (ALF) as represented thus far can be described as follows: 1. Between 3 to 5 ft. in hieght. 2. Erect standing biped. Long thin legs. 3. Small build (thin). 4. Head larger than normal (to human proportions). 5. Absence of auditory lobes (external earlobes). 6. Absence of body hair. 7. Large; tear shaped eyes; opacque black with veretical slit pupils (cats eye). 8. Eyes slanted approx 35 degrees. 9. Small straight mouth; thin lips. 10. Arms resemble praying mantis (normal attitude). Arms reach to knees (extended). 11. Long hands (small palm) 12. Claw like fingers; two short; two long. (webbed) 13. Tough; gray skin; reptile like in texture. 14. Small feet; 4 small claw like toes. 15. Some Organs are similar to humans but developed in a different evolutionary process. 16. The most significant finding is that they have a Nonfunctioning digestive system and two separate brains. Digestive system in those examined were atrophied. Conforms to absence of provisions in recovered craft. (Prelininary finding) 17. Movement is deliberate; slow; precise. 18. (Secondary finding after study) Alien subsistance requires that they must have human blood and other human biological substances to survive. In extreme circumstances they can subsist on other animal fluids. Food is converted to energy by chlorophyl through photosynthesis and waste products are excreted through skin. (Did they evolve from plant life? Not known at this time.) These creatures possess two separate brains separated by mid cranial lateral bone partition (anterior brain - posterior brain) with no apparent connection between the two. GUEST-----------ALIEN LIFE FORM HELD PRISONER IN AN AREA KNOWN AS THE ICE CAVE AT LOS ALAMOS; NEW MEXICO. THERE WERE ORIGINALLY 16 CAPTIVE ALIENS HELD AT THIS LOCATION. 15 HAVE DIED. THE ALIEN GUESTS FURNISHED EXTENSIVE INFORMATION ON THE ALIENS AND THEIR HISTORY WHICH IS KNOWN AS THE YELLOW BOOK. THESE GUESTS WERE INDEED FED ICE CREAM AND LIKED STRAWBERRY ABOVE ALL OTHER FLAVORS. THESE ALIENS WERE HELD IN EXCHANGE FOR 16 HUMANS WHO BECAME GUESTS OF THE ALIENS NO INFORMATION REGARDING THE HUMAN GUESTS IS AVAILABLE FROM ANY SOURCE. THE GUESTS ENJOY MUSIC OF A FAR EASTERN NATURE AND ESPECIALLY ENJOY MUSIC WHICH ORIGINATES FROM TIBET. THEY POSSESS AN EXTREMELY HIGH IQ WHICH IS IN THE 200 RANGE. THEY HAVE A TENDENCY TO LIE. RELIGION--------THE ALIENS CLAIM THAT MAN IS A HYBRID CREATED BY THEM. THEY CLAIM THAT ALL RELIGION WAS CREATED BY THEM TO HASTEN THE FORMATION OF A CIVILIZED CULTURE AND TO CONTROL THE HUMAN RACE. THEY CLAIM THAT JESUS WAS A PRODUCT OF THEIR EFFORTS. THE ALIENS HAVE FURNISHED PROOF OF THESE CLAIMS AND HAVE A DEVICE THAT ALLOWS THEM TO SHOW AUDIBLY AND VISUALLY ANY PART OF HISTORY THAT THEY OR WE WISH TO SEE. THEY CLAIM THAT O-BLOOD IS THE PROOF OF HYBRIDIZATION AND OUR OWN SCIENCE TENDS TO BEAR OUT THEIR CLAIM. The confusion over the location of the alien base has prompted me to write this file. My sources are terrified of revealing the location. I do not know why they are so afraid of revealing this information. I do not want anyone to go near the place because they may be subject to injury. I know that the main base is in New Mexico. There are may be two small alien detachments. One at DREAMLAND and one at AREA 51. Both of these locations are used to test fly alien craft. The main location for test flights is at AREA 51. The aliens are helping us with the flights and with the craft technology and there is at least a small detachment at those locations. Excalibur is being developed to penetrate ground such as that found in New Mexico. Paul Bennewicz swore that the base is in New Mexico. John Lear's sources state that the base is in New Mexico. My sources originally told me that the base was in New Mexico. The information that I read with my own eyes stated that the base is in New Mexico. My sources panicked when I told them that I was posting the information on a public forum. Because I do not wish anyone to be injured while trying to get a look I will not reveal the exact location except that it is located in the state of New Mexico. On this subject I believe that MAJIC2.TXT and MAJIC3.TXT are both correct and I add AREA 51 The information concerning The FAR SIDE OF THE MOON is bad in MAJIC2.TXT but is correct in MAJIC3.TXT. I hope that this file clears up the issue. Read more articles on this topic: The Majestic Documents Have you seen a UFO? REPORT FORM: Report your UFO sighting Read more articles on this topic: The Majestic Documents Other Featured Sections... 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